Iconic Disney Princesses

From Disney Princesses to Paw Patrol Puppies, to Dora and Marvel comics, there’s surely something in your closet that fits the cartoon fashion trend. Good news! It’s now time to brush up with the latest cartoon T-shirts for the New Year period for this April, you officially have permission to go get your child one and tell the world who her beloved Childrens Characters are.

We have all seen our favourite celebrities rocking the old Disney T-shirts on Instagram and TV and the best thing about this is the versatility of wearing it anywhere you want. We have seen celebrities wearing these cartoon T-shirts with blazer even on award shows, interviews, on film and concert, and this is one of the best combinations we can think of. If it’s good for them why not for your little celebrity at home?

Our favourite officially licencee designers for Sri Lanka for Disney, in fact, keep presenting themed collections and we couldn’t be happier! In our gallery you’ll find our shopping suggestions now available in store; the list could really be endless…

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