Smocked Frocks in Colombo

Are you a Smockaholic… Help is here!

They say that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Well, here goes …

You may be thinking, “Hmmm … I think I suffer from the same affliction, but how do I know when it is a full blown addiction?”

At first, you will not. You will make excuses like, “every child needs a smocked fishy bubble in case we venture downsouth for the weekend.” You will think nothing of creating an event so that your little one can re-wear  her holiday attire. For instance, you might just host a party so that your baby can re-wear her new smocked dress.

You will tell yourself that it is perfectly normal to buy 25 smocked Christmas outfits so that baby can celebrate each day of the holiday season, or that leaving work early to ensure that you have the perfect Blue and Yellow day attire for baby’s first cricket game is what any good mother would do.

The good news is that if, after reading this, you’ve self-diagnosed yourself a smockaholic, you don’t have to fear that you’ll have to forego your retirement to accommodate your habit or venture outside Colombo or Sri Lanka. We have amazing hand smocked dresses at VAISHI created exclusively for us as the number one place for kids clothing in Sri Lanka. There are also wonderful consignment options out there. If you’re willing to buy ahead, you can always find great deals at updates on both our facebook and instagram accounts.

We have trendy fashion and fashionable clothes available for both for Men and Women in Sri Lanka, then why should the Kids be far behind? Life is to be enjoyed and it definitely is too short to dress up in boring, and uninteresting clothes. For kids even more, because they outgrow their sizes in leaps and bounds! So visit us next time you are in Sri Lanka, right in the heart of Colombo for Children’s Clothing for Boys and Girls

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